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It’s All In Arborio Rice

Arborio Rice:

Arborio is the short grain rice primarily used to prepare the classic recipe of risotto. It is originated in the Arborio state of Italy; it is now also farmed in the California & Texas. Organic Arborio rice has a pearly white color texture, slightly short and round-shaped grains. They come in many varieties like super fine and large sized Arborio rice.

Arborio rice is high in starch and when cooked, has a stiff and gluey texture as it is high in amylopectin.

During cooking it release the starch and the cooked rice is fully creamy and chewy as compared to other rice.

Uses of Organic Arborio White Rice:

  • Arborio rice used in the dishes that need high creamy texture.

  • Arborio rice doesn't need of the rinsed or soaked as long as other rice as doing so can remove the starch from the rice taking away the creaminess.

  • Most commonly used in risottos and puddings.

Arborio Rice taste:

Arborio specialty is its ability to naturally create a creamy dish if so desired. Arborio rice is also known for and prized its' nutty and chewier taste in comparison to other rice grains.

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