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Breakdown of Organic Rice:

Long-grain: Long Grain rice has a very long, slender kernel, 4 to five times more compared to its breadth. It is ordinarily soft and light in texture. Find our Long Grain White and Brown Rice here!

Medium-grain: Medium grain rice has a shorter, broader kernel (just two to three times longer compared to its breadth ) than grain rice with a tendency to stick together.

SHORT GRAIN: Short-grain rice has a short, plump, almost round kernel. Smooth, aromatic, and starchy, Arborio rice is also known as Glutinous rice or Baldo rice. Find our Organic Arborio Rice here!

BROWN RICE: Only the outermost layer, the strand, is taken off to develop what is called brown rice.

As the other layers not not removed as it is for white rice, brown rice retains most of the nutrients and therefore, is a healthier option. Find our Organic Long Grain Brown Rice, Organic Basmati Brown Rice, and our Organic Himalayan Nature Rice.

BASMATI: Regularly mistaken with Jasmine rice, Basmati rice comes from the foothills of northern India and Pakistan. It

has its' own unique, beautiful aroma. It is a type of long grain rice like Jasmine rice, but Basmati rice is longer, more slender, and once cooked, is softer and fluffier than Jasmine rice, making it the most versatile and ideal grain. Find our Basmati Rice here!

BLACK RICE: Oriental Dark Rice is a bowl of medium-grain rice with white kernels inside the darkened bran. Cooked, it will take on a purple-ish tone. Black rice is also known as 'Forbidden Rice' as it is packed with antioxidants and nutrients.

RED RICE: This long-grain rice has a reddish bran coating and a nutty, delicious flavor. Similar to Black rice, Red rice is also jampacked with antioxidants and nutrients and is high in fiber, making it the ideal, healthy staple to our dinner table. Find our Organic Himalayan Nature Rice here!