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Arsenic is everywhere.

Arsenic is a natural chemical element known by the symbol As. Arsenic can be found all around us as it is bound to many other elements in the air we breathe, water we drink, and the soil we cultivate our crops from. However, over the years, due to alarming increase in pollution all around us, Arsenic levels have also been increasing.

Most of the rice today, regardless of type or origin of rice such as, Long Grain /White Brown rice, Basmati Brown/White, Organic Rice, or conventional, is tainted with arsenic. However, that does not necessarily mean that your rice is toxic.

When does Arsenic become Toxic?

There are two types of Arsenic found: organic and inorganic.

  • Organic Arsenic is naturally found in plants and animal tissue, bound with carbon or other natural elements, making it safer.

  • Inorganic Arsenic is primarily found in rocks, soil, and water and is more toxic due to absence of carbon and presence of other toxins.

So What Do I Do?

Although Arsenic is harmful and can be found in rice and other grains or foods you eat, don't worry. Be careful of the products you buy and aim for organic products that are grown in safe environments with little to no use of chemicals, pesticides, and other toxins. Most organic grains are free of arsenic but need to be tested and approved by the FDA, making sure there are little to no traces of arsenic in your grains!

Wash your organic rice and any other grains or foods thoroughly before cooking to remove any possible traces of arsenic in your rice!


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