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Long Grain Brown Rice Is One Of The World's Healthiest Foods

Brown rice is well known in the world as it is the healthier option.

The question is: How is brown rice healthier than white rice?

Production of rice:

The only processing of brown rice is the removal of its outer covering, the shell or hull of kernel rice. This causes little damage/change to its nutrition. Milling primarily causes rice to loose its' nutritional value.

The milling and polishing to convert brown rice into white rice loses 67% of the nutrition destruction. Below is the list of the nutritional value that is affected:

  • Vitamin B3 60%

  • Vitamin B1 79%

  • Magnesium 50%

  • Phosphorus 50%

  • Iron 60%

So you can say that white rice is richer in vitamin B1, B3 and Iron.

Health benefits of Long grain brown rice

  1. Good for weight loss

  2. Brown rice is rich in fiber and magnesium.

  3. Lowers cholesterol.

  4. Protects against Heart Disease.

Other environmental benefits:

1. Some people buy organic food just for environmental and organic grown food.

2. Organic farming helps to reduce pollution.

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