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Long Grain Rice Or Short? Does It Really Matter Which One Is Used?

Rice is a universal staple. With the limitless recipes and creations fitting each part of the world, the variations of rice expand the horizons further. Aside from the differences of having brown or white grains of rice, the size of the rice also matters and plays a vital role in the type of dish being made. Below is a breakdown of how size matters:

Length Difference between Short grain, Medium, and Long grain rice.

There is a slight difference in classified short, medium and long grain rice, is the length to width ration. And this ration mostly seen after cooked.

  • Long rice is long and thin, they are fluffy and separated after cooked. It is 5x larger in length than its width.

  • Short grain rice is wider and short with more starch, allowing a creamier texture.

Long grain Rice:

Long grains rice can be further broken down into the following types: long grain rice, organic basmati white rice, organic brown rice, jasmine rice, and more. As their texture is a bit dry and firm, they are best used for pilafs, biryani, soups, rice bowls, and more.

If you want to know that how to cook long grain rice, click here and enjoy!

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