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How To Check Low GI Index Rice?

Maintaining sugar levels is key for diabetes. So what is a GI Index and why is it important?

What is GI (Glycemic Index)?

GI is a food scale that gauges the carbohydrates in food. It measures how much sugar or glucose is in the food consumed.

Foods with high GI levels increase blood sugar and insulin and is digested quicker. Low GI level foods take longer to digest because as it is lower in sugar levels.

How is food categorized on the GI Scale?

Foods are ranked on the scale as high, medium, or low with the scale ranging carbs from 0-100.

Low GI foods are ranked 55 or less on the scale. Medium GI Foods range from 56-70 whereas high GI foods range from 70+.

It’s Ok to eat rice:

Depending on the foods eaten in a day, if your meals are meeting daily nutrient requirements, eating rice on a daily basis (white or brown) is not detrimental. However, eating only food high in carbs can lead to detrimental health issues.

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