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Organic food or farming is food produce by nature without the need of artificial or synthetics farming techniques. Organic rice farming utilizes the grains as they are, without genetically altering them, providing people with the healthiest and most natural grains.

When you are buying food make sure to check the label for certified by the Department of Agriculture and Water.

Organic Food is not limited to rice or grains. It also includes veggies and fruits, grains and rice, meat and dairy products, honey and other processed foods.

Animal farming — treated humanely and with respect:

Animal way of living must be clean. Cows are not kept in milk lots and hens are open range while being treated carefully and properly.

Organic food is not necessarily chemical free:

There are some pesticides use but in small quantities in comparison to conventional farming. This is unavoidable as insects will come for crops and ruin the crops. than other conventional farming. However, the use of pesticides is minimal, and the environment created for the crops to grow in are as natural as possible. Conventional food, however, is farmed or produced in a synthetic and chemical environment.

Pesticide permits in organic production:

  • pyrethrin

  • light oils

  • copper

  • Sulphur

Biotic Products are better for environment:

Natural biotic products promote a healthier environment. But conventional farming uses chemical and utilizes monocropping, causing barren land, decrease in soil fertility, and blue/green algae in waterways.


There are minor differences in nutrition for organic and conventional farm produce such as:

  1. Nitrate levels are lower in Organic food.

  2. Vitamin C levels are higher in that food.

  3. Levels of phosphorous, magnesium, and iron are higher.

The rice you can find in main organic categories are:

  1. organic brown rice

  2. organic white rice

  3. organic red rice

  4. organic arborio rice

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