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Why Organic Food? Pesticides That Not Use In The Production of Organic Food.

When you are buying food make sure to check label of certified organic making sure your food is more environmental and sustainable.

Organic rice is used in most countries as a staple food.

Animal Farming — treated humanely and with respect:

Organic food not necessarily Chemical-Free:

Even in organic farming, there are some pesticides used as it is inevitable. However, these pesticides used are more environmental friendly.

Conventional farming on the other hand utilizes pesticides in greater quantity producing a synthetic and chemical environment.

Pesticide permits in Organic Production:

  • pyrethrins

  • light oils

  • copper

  • sulfur

Why people prefer to buy Natural and chemical free food:

Natural and chemical free food provides a safer environment and healthier food options to bring to the table.

Biotic Products are better for environment:

Natural biotic products promotes the good physical and healthier environment.


If you are going to compare nutrition in organic food and conventional, there are some minor differences in their nutrition. Some aspects that other foods do not have but organic food have include:

  1. Nitrate levels are lower in Organic food.

  2. Vitamin C levels are higher in Organic food.

  3. Levels of phosphorous, magnesium and iron are higher in Organic food.

The most used organic product used in Pakistan includes Organic Arborio rice and Organic Red Rice.

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