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A guide To Organic Arborio Rice.

Organic Arborio Rice:

Organic Rice plays an important role in Italian restaurants, specifically Arborio Rice. It is one of the most adaptable ingredients in Italian cuisine.

Primarily grown in North Italy, Arborio Grains are special to their unique shape and compositions. It usually takes water to absorb 5 times of its weight while cooking.

It retains starch more than other rice.

You can buy the rice online also with good quality and delivery at your door step. We can also provide you its recipe on the packet helps you to make delicious risotto's, puddings, aracini, and more!

How to preserve the Arborio Rice:

Once you open the packet of the rice, it can stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry environment. Cooked rice should be refrigerated and eaten within 48 hours.

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