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Organic Long Grain Brown Rice Health Benefits & Nutrition Guide:

Organic long grain brown rice is 5x longer and is generally thinner. Unlike Basmati Rice, Long Grain rice looks stiffer when cooked and is generally used in Pilafs.

Organic long grain brown rice health benefits:

  • Fiber :

o Brown rice is full of fiber and helps lower cholesterol.

o Fibers helps in digestion.

o Helps stops the formation of blood clot.

  • Glycemic Index (GI) :

o Brown rice has a low glycemic index, meaning it does not raised the person’s blood sugar level.

o Prevents type-2 diabetes because of it's categorization as a low GI food.

  • Phytochemicals and Minerals :

o It helps in lower risk of cancer because of mineral in it.

o Helps improve cholesterol level

o Reduce the heart disease and stroke.

Nutrients in whole grains.

1. Vitamin B: A water-soluble vitamin that works on cell metabolism.

2. Folic acid: A dietary supplement that helps in producing and maintaining new cells.

3. Iron: Helps in carry oxygen in the blood.

4. Magnesium: Most involved and helps in over 300 body functions.

5. Selenium: helps immune system and thyroid gland.

For more information on brown rice: brown rice recipes.

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