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How To Find Best Quality Of Organic Long Grain White Rice?

Organic long grain white rice are longer than other rice. After they cooked completely they are 5 times longer than its width. They are in pure white and have beautiful aurora or fragrance.

Organic long grain white rice are fully organic, they cultivated and produced by natural means. They are chemical and pesticides free. So it is known as healthier rice and used in worldwide cuisine.

Crops are rotated in the same fields so soil remains fertile. Organic methods also called traditional crop making method. Organic rice are healthier and best yield. In organic farming, used natural fertilizers to grow crops like manure, compost or plant-killing compounds like neem-cake, neem-oils.

Traps are used to control the pest, pheromone and light traps mostly used.

What you found in Organic Long Grain white rice:

  • It contains 150 Calories

  • It contains 0 Fat

  • It contains Saturated Fat 0g

  • It contains No Trans Fat

  • It contains No Cholesterol 0mg (0%)

  • It contains 2mg Sodium

  • It contains 32g Carbohydrate (11%)

  • It contains no Dietary fibre

  • It Contains no Sugars

  • It Contains 3g Protein

  • It Contains 2% Iron

  • In short, it Contains Daily Values that are based on a at least 2k calorie diet

Amazing benefits of organic rice:

1. It is a great source of energy because rice is made of long chain of complex carbohydrates. This act like a fuel to bode and take a lot of time to consume and break carbs.

2. Starch in the rice are helpful in diabetes.

3. Rice contains high level of neurotransmitters that helps to prevent from diseases.

4. The fibre in Rice helps to protect from the Cancer.

5. If you are using organic brown rice it helps in diabetes because of Low GI Index Rice.

6. Rice with low amount of sodium helps to prevent from Constipation, It helps to grown extra bacteria that helps from digestion.

7. Rice do not have gluten, it’s good for people having suffering from celiac disease.

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