What is Arsenic? 

Arsenic is a natural element found in air, water, and soil transferring into the foods we eat. 

Organic long grain white rice is longer than other rice. After they are cook completely, they are 5 times longer than its original width. With its’ fragrance, it immediately enhances every dish.

Organic long grain basmati white rice is fully organic, cultivate and produce by natural means. They are chemical and pesticide free. Different crops are rotate in the same fields, so the soil remains naturally fertile. In organic farming, natural fertilizers that are use to strengthen and grow crops include natural components such as manure, compost, or plant-killing compounds like neem-cake or neem-oils.

What is found in Organic Long Grain white rice:

  • It's contain 150 Calories

  • They contains 0 Fat

  • It's contain Saturated Fat 0g

  • They contains No Trans Fat

  • It's contain No Cholesterol 0mg (0%)

  • It contains 2mg Sodium

  • They was contains 32g Carbohydrate (11%)

  • It contains no Dietary fibre

  • It's Contain no Sugars

  • It Contains 3g Protein

  • It Contains 2% Iron

  • In short, it contains Daily Values based on a 2k calorie diet.

Amazing benefits of organic rice:

  1. It is a great source of energy because rice is made up of a long chain of complex carbohydrates. This act like a fuel to bode and take a lot of time to consume and break carbs.

  2. Starch in the white rice recipe is helpful in controlling diabetes.

  3. Rice contains high level of neurotransmitters that help prevent diseases.

  4. Rice with low amounts of sodium help prevent constipation. It helps grow extra bacteria that helps digestion.

  5. As rice is gluten-free, it is beneficial for celiac disease.

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