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What Is Organic Red Rice & Its Health Benefits?

When thinking of healthy rice, one may only think of brown rice. However, red rice is an even healthier option. Unlike other rice grains, red rice is eaten with the red husk. It has a nutty taste and is packed with nutritional benefits.

Its scientific name is Oryza punctate. It is mostly seen and cultivated in Tropical Africa, South Africa, and Madagascar areas. They come in red, dark red, light red, or a red-pink color. It has the length of 3.07 to 4.01 mm and width from 1.05 to 2.01 mm.

You can find them in stores with the name of “Bhutanese red rice” or “cargo rice”. Without the husk, red rice can easily be mistaken as basmati rice. However, the easiest way to differentiate is the aroma belonging to each type of rice.

Red rice is very pure, without going through the milling process, it is rich in essential nutrients. These nutrient includes:

  • 68.75% Iron

  • 66.69% Carbohydrate

  • 30% Zinc

  • 14% Protein

  • 14% Fat

  • 7.11% Fiber

  • 5.45% Potassium

Health benefits of Red rice:

  • The magnesium content in red rice prevent from asthmaontrol diabetes and glucose levels.

  • The antioxidants and magnesium in organic red rice control diabetes and glucose levels.

  • The fiber in red rice helps improve digestion

  • The fiber and bran in Organic red rice reduces hunger

  • The bran in red rice reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

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