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Most of us know that an excessive amount of carbohydrates cause unnecessary weight gain. In India, organic white rice is among the most frequent kinds of consuming simple carbs. Although organic rice is deemed responsible for weight gain in many cases, it isn't the one to be entirely blamed.

Each providing a different type of carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are vital for the body as they provide us with energy. Rice is a the major source of carbs, therefore, should not be skipped entirely.

Anything more processed loses its nutritional value. The same is the case with rice. What white rice contains is everything but the germ, bran, and endosperm. During milling, white rice reduces 68% of its nutritional value. This is the reason why 100gm of white rice contains more calories compared to the same amount of organic brown rice, or organic red rice.

If you are yet to attempt red rice, then we hope this article helps you "MakeTheSwitch" to some healthier yet tastier variant.

It includes germ, bran, and endosperm, the nutrients that white rice lacks. Red rice is also a proven source of fiber and is composed of several nutritional elements.

Let's go through the benefits in detail:

Improves digestion:

Red rice is known to be abundant in fiber. Suppressing the uncontrollable urge to consume, red rice leaves the method of weight loss much easier on you. The iron within the grains aids in strengthening the bones. The fiber aids in improving metabolism.

Low-fat food:

When in doubt, go for rice. It provides your body with a suitable amount of fats. This, then, helps to keep your weight in check thereby keeping you obesity free.

high Glycemic Index:

White rice, though benign, contains a high glycemic index which can prove to be detrimental to a person who has diabetes. It retains the sugar in the blood at minimal. organic arborio rice

Wards-off harmful cardiovascular disease:

An extra amount of fats may prove to be deadly to the health of the heart. Foods loaded

with trans fat can over time deteriorate the health and lead to heart ailments. Red rice provides sufficient fat to the healthy

functioning of the body.

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