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A Perfect Fall Organic Food- Wild Rice:

Wild rice is a grass grown in states of Canada called Canadian rice, other species called Indian rice and water oats. This is eaten primarily in North America and China.

This wild grain is not related to Asian rice and has a distinctly different taste. Sheathed from outer and tender inner layers, this grain has a taste similar to that of a vegetable.

A perfect fall organic food- Wild Rice:

Harvesting of wild-rice is the most romantic work done by two people, known as canoe man and gentle-touch man. One man pushes the rice beads with a stick and the other knows grains from grass using two poles. These plants are hard to uproot as they are too dedicated to themselves.

Species of wild-rice:

There are 4 species all over the world of mild rice. The 3 from North America are as listed below:

1. Northern wild-rice grown in Boreal Forest, Great lakes.

2. Wild-rice grown in Saint Lawrence River and the Gulf Coasts of US.

3. Texas wild-rice grown in San Marcos River.

The 4th species is native to Asia:

4. Manchurian wild-rice grown in China.

6 Healthiest benefits of wild-rice:

1. Wild-rice is a grass not a grain and is gluten free.

2. Wild-rice not a rice but an aquatic grass. It is cooked like rice but taste like vegetables.

3. It has 2 times more protein than organic basmati brown rice.

4. More antioxidants than organic basmati white rice.

5. Helps in digestion.

6. Lowers body cholesterol.

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